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Performance Management System is a system to plan, execute, manage and evaluate performance of an officer and organisational mission in a period of 1 year.

First Evaluation Officer (PPP) is an officer or supervisor who work closely with the officer being appraised (PYD) and having direct work-relation or supervising the officer.

Second Evaluation Officer (PPK)) is a superior officer to the PPP who work closely with the officer being appraised (PYD). (If there is only 1 layer of supervision, performance management may be evaluated by the PPP alone).

Terms of appointing PPP and PPK
  1. Having direct work-relation and supervision between PYD and PPP ;
  2. PPP is of higher grade than PYD;
  3. No family relations between PYD and PPP/PPK
  4. Evaluation period no less than six (6) months within the evaluation year.
  5. For PYD who has more than 1 PPP in a different period of time and with no other PPK to evaluate, therefore PPP with the longest supervision may evaluate the PYD.
  6. If there is no PPP eligible to evaluate because the period of evaluation is less than 6 months within the evaluation year, then the evaluation may be done by the higher ranking officer having work-relations with the PYD;
  7. If the annual LNPT is unable to be prepared by a retired, resigned or un-contactable the PPP, the performance appraisal report of the PYD must be submitted by the PPK.

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