Sunday, 05 December 2021
29 Rabi' al-thani 1443


1. What is a promotion?

Appeal For Promotion / Acting

1. Who can make an appeal for a promotion?
2. If an officer who is aggrieved by the decision of a Promotion Board, what can be done by the officer?
4. Can officer appeal on the decision of the Board of Appeal?

Disciplinary Action & Promotion

1. Can officer who has been punished being promoted?
2. Can officer who is under investigation be considered for a promotion?
3. Contact person for reference:

Factors Determining The Seniority Of An Officer

1. How to determine the seniority of officers?
2. What are the factors that affect seniority an officer?

Reserved Candidates for Promotion

1. How long is the validity period for Reserved Candidates?

Promotion Board

1. Who are members of the Promotion Board?
2. Can a Promotion Board be conducted by circulation?
3. Can a Promotion Board convene its members despite the absentees?

Eligibility For Promotion

1. When shall officers be eligible for promotion?
2. What factors determine the eligibility of an officer for promotion?