Thursday, 23 May 2024
15 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445

Approval & Termination of Acting

1. What is the definition of “covering for duties”?
2. What are the circumstances under which duties can be covered?
3. How is a directive to cover for duties issued?
4. How long is the duration of the covering period?
5. Can the covering period commence on a rest day?
6. Can the covering period end on a rest day?
7. If the officer covering the duties is attending a 20-day course, will the covering for duties continue to be in force?
8. Who is eligible to cover for duties?
9. Can a Grade N17 Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operation) cover the duties of a Grade FT17 Technical Assistant?
10. Can a nurse who is on shift work cover the duties of another nurse who is on maternity leave?
11. Who approves the covering for duties?
12. What is the Covering Allowance rate for a post with multiple starting salaries?
13. What is the allowance rate for covering the duty of a post with flexi grade?
14. What is the Covering Allowance rate for an open post?
15. Can an officer who has covered for duties for only one week apply for leave?
16. Can an officer who is covering the same post for the second time apply for leave after 20 days of covering for the post?
17. How is Overtime Payment calculated for an officer who is covering for duties?
18. Can an officer cover the duties of 2 posts at the same time?