Saturday, 04 February 2023
13 Rajab 1444

Datin Paduka Roslinah binti Md Jani

To manage the human resources and management services of the Department efficiently and effectively.

  1. Manages PSD’s personnel structuring and inspectorate.
  2. Manages the placement and transfer of PSD officers.
  3. Manages the training and competency development of PSD officers
  4. Manages the training and competency development of PSD personnel.
  5. Manages matters related to finance, procurement and development in PSD.
  6. Manages the quality programmes in PSD.
  7. Manages PSD’s administration and logistics.
  8. Manages the activities of Federal Territory Government Officers Welfare and Recreational Council (MAKSWIP) and PSD Club.
  9. Coordinates the implementation of Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) Application in PSD.
  10. Serves as the secretariat to the Human Resources Development Panel, Excellent Service Award (APC) Council, Disciplinary Board, Management Integrity Committee, and Departmental Joint Council (MBJ).