Friday, 14 June 2024
07 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445

Encik Mohd Shahrim bin Hussin
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To ensure accurate disbursements of retirement benefits according to the specified time schedule to eligible recipients in accordance with pensions law.

  1. Drafts and implements policies regarding retirement benefits and derivative benefits;
  2. Monitors and enforces Pension Laws;
  3. Approves the retirement benefits, derivative benefits and termination of service benefits to employees of Public Service, Statutory and Local Authorities, Judges, Members of Parliament, Members of the Administration and Political Secretaries based on the laws;
  4. Approves matters related to merging of past services (PPL) for employees of Public Service, Statutory and Local Authorities;
  5. Approves the granting of pensionable status (PTB) for employees of Statutory and Local Authorities;
  6. Manages matters related to medical facilities (dialysis treatment) for pensioners and issues a medical guarantee letter (GL) for pensioners and parents of pensioners for employees of public service and certain statutory bodies;
  7. Manages the payment for retirement and termination of service benefits;
  8. Regulates the implementation of retirement matters and the development of the pension management system by KWAP;
  9. Manages data related to retirement and termination of service for public service;
  10. Manages engagement and advisory service programmes related to customers and stakeholders;
  11. Manages the registration of disabled child who is dependent on a pensioner and child currently studying undergraduate in colleges/universities; and
  12. Manages complaints received from customers and stakeholders.