Monday, 18 October 2021
11 Rabi' al-awwal 1443

Encik Ezmil Ariff bin Khairan
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To consolidate all managerial matters relating to integrity under one specialised unit in ensuring that all the initiatives are engineered towards institutionalising integrity, prevention, compliance, and detection of misconducts, and that punitive actions can be implemented in a focused and efficient manner to achieve optimal success.

  1. Governance : to ensure the best governance is implemented in PSD;
  2. Integrity enhancement : to ensure there is a process to enculturate, institutionalise, and implement integrity in the organisation;
  3. Detection and verification : to detect and verify complaints of crimes and violations of the code of conduct and ethics of the organisation, to ensure appropriate actions are taken; and to report criminal offences to the relevant enforcement agencies;
  4. Complaint management : to receive and act upon all complaints or information of crimes and violations of the code of conduct and ethics in the organisation;
  5. Compliance : to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force; and
  6. Disciplinary : as a secretariat for the Ministry’s Disciplinary Board