Thursday, 09 December 2021
04 Jumada al-awwal 1443

About Divisions

Realising PSD’s role as the leader of public service transformation.

  • Providing consultation and advisory services on implementation of public service transformation to the ministries/government agencies.
  • Monitoring the implementation of public service transformation initiatives by the ministries / government agencies.
  • Reporting the progress of public service transformation implementation to the Prime Minister, Chief Secretary to the Government and Director-General of Public Service.

Encik Putra Nurwan Shah bin Baharuddin
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To manage the human resources and management services of the Department efficiently and effectively.

  1. Manages PSD’s personnel structuring and inspectorate.
  2. Manages the placement and transfer of PSD officers.
  3. Manages the training and competency development of PSD officers
  4. Manages the training and competency development of PSD personnel.
  5. Manages matters related to finance, procurement and development in PSD.
  6. Manages the quality programmes in PSD.
  7. Manages PSD’s administration and logistics.
  8. Manages the activities of Federal Territory Government Officers Welfare and Recreational Council (MAKSWIP) and PSD Club.
  9. Coordinates the implementation of Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) Application in PSD.
  10. Serves as the secretariat to the Human Resources Development Panel, Excellent Service Award (APC) Council, Disciplinary Board, Management Integrity Committee, and Departmental Joint Council (MBJ).


  • To ensure the public sector’s human resource information is always up to date.
  • To ensure that the public sector agencies implement HRMIS according to schedule.
  • To ensure that HRMIS and core applications are accessible at all times and secured in accordance with established policies and standards.
  • To ensure HRMIS, core applications, and ICT infrastructure remain relevant through continuous improvement.
  • To ensure the implementation of ICT policy through:
    • Dynamic Information Technology Strategic Plan;
    • ICT Security Procedures; and
    • ICT Regulations.


  • Ensures that HRMIS is implemented in all public sector agencies in line with the vision of the public service and the goal of Electronic Government;
  • Maintains and provides information on public sector personnel;
  • Provides a reliable and secured infrastructure ;
  • Plans, develops, and maintains application systems based on ICT Strategic Plan;
  • Implements training, awareness and enculturation of ICT among civil servants; and
  • Provides ICT advisory services.


To ensure accurate disbursements of retirement benefits according to the specified time schedule to eligible recipients in accordance with pensions law.

  1. Formulates and monitors the implementation of retirement benefits policies;
  2. Approves retirement benefits, derivative benefits and cessation of service benefits to employees of Public Service, Statutory and Local Authorities, Judges, Members of Parliament, Members of the Administration, and Political Secretaries based on the laws currently in force;
  3. Manages the disbursements of retirement benefits, derivative benefits, cessation of service benefits and other benefits currently in force; and
  4. Manages the approval, disbursement, and data pertaining to retirement through the Pensions Online Workflow Environment (POWER) System

  1. Drafts and monitors the pension’s laws, regulations and circulars.
  2. Manages matters related to merging of past services, conferment of pensionable status, confirmation of parents’ information for federal pensioners, and approval to pay for kidney treatments for federal pensioners.
  3. Manages external programmes and engagements, lectures, investigations, and complaints, and coordinates the application to register a disabled child who is a dependant of a pensioner.
  4. Manages the re-approval of retirement benefits.

  1. Manages the approval for retirement, retirement benefits and derivative benefits for Federal/State Public Service, Statutory Bodies and Local Governments, Judges, Members of the Administration and Members of Parliament.
  2. Manages the approval for retirement, retirement benefits and derivative benefits for Federal and State Public Service in Sabah Branch.
  3. Manages the approval for retirement, retirement benefits and derivative benefits for Federal and State Public Service in Sarawak Branch.
  4. Provides and distributes the allocation for Dependant Vot, controls the expenses, auditing and preparation of reports related to Treasury, Accountant General’s Department and Prime Minister’s Department.