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Knowledge Management Seminar For Federal Common User Service Officers Grade 41 - 54

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Garis Panduan Kemudahan Cuti Belajar Bergaji Penuh Kepada Kumpulan Sokongan Bagi Mengikuti Latihan Kemahiran (Teknikal Dan Vokasional) Di Bawah SKILLSMALAYSIA

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Skim Yuran Pengajian Luar Negara (SPYLN) Will Be Opened From 15 July To 18 August 2013 For Deserving Students Who Are Currently Pursuing First Degree Studies Overseas. Applications Can Be Made Through eSilaV2 All Terms and Conditions for Each Category of Loan Must Be Fulfilled.


Article available only in Malay.

Seminar Komunikasi Berkesan Bagi Pegawai Kumpulan Pelaksana Gred 17-38 Perkhidmatan Gunasama Persekutuan


The Result For Oversea Tuition Fee Loan Scheme Has Been Rescheduled To Be Announced On The 15th Of November 2013. We Apologize For The Delay.