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The Public Service Department (PSD) refers to the article “Paramedics With Bright Futures Must Not Be Kept In The Dark” as published in The Star on 7th January 2011.

Beginning from 1st January 2007, the paramedic services particularly Assistant Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health (MOH) have been allocated two (2) levels of scheme of service, the Support Group and the Management and Professional Group. Candidates with Diplomas in Medical Assistant from the Medical Assistant College will be appointed as Assistant Medical Officer grade U29 while those with bachelor degrees in related fields will be appointed as Assistant Medical Officer grade U41. Officers in the Assistant Medical Officer service have the opportunity for promotion until grade U54. The creation of posts to these higher grades depends on the needs of the department/agencies.

For the time being, the National Service Training Department (NSTD) has already appointed Assistant Medical Officers to perform the role of paramedics. In the future, there might be a possible demand for paramedic services by other government departments/agencies.

The PSD is constantly studying improvements to current schemes of service including paramedic services.

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2nd February 2011
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