1. What is the definition of "Government Quarter"?

    Government Quarter refers to house that is built/ bought/ rent by Government completed with facilities such as clean water,  electricity, waste disposal and garbage collection as well as access road.

    There are several types of Government quarters:
    • Pool Government Quarters
    • Institutional Quarters
    • Reserved Quarters
    • Official Quarters for Top Civil Service Officers
    • Government Quarters in Overseas; and
    • Mess/ barracks/ hostel
  2. Does the Government responsible to allocate quarter to Government Officers?


    The Government is no obligation to provide Government quarters for officers other than for specific post that have been identified eligible to government quarters such as Reserved Quarters, Institutional Quarters, Official Quarters for Top Civil Service Officers, Government Quarters in Overseas as well as special services such as Police, Military, Prison and Fire & Rescue.

  3. When must the retiring officer required to vacate the quarter?

    General Order 33, Chapter E stated that an officer occupying government quarter must vacate the quarter on his last working day before retiring unless he was given special permission as stated in General Order No. 33(b) & 33(c) Chapter E.

    General Order No. 33(b) stated that an officer who is granted a period of leave prior to retirement may be allowed to occupy his quarter (other than Institutional Quarters and Reserved Quarters) during that period but must not later than 30 days of his last day of leave.

    General Order No. 33(c) stated that an officer occupying the Institutional Quarters or Reserved Quartes is required to vacate the quarter on his last working with acception, if there is no yet other officer entitled to the quarter, he may, with the approval of the Head of his Department be allowed to occupy the quarter for a period not exceeding 30 days.

  4. Does an officer occupying Government quarter eligible for Housing Allowance?


    The Service Circular No. 2/1996 stated that an officer occupying Government quarters  will not be eligible for any Housing Allowance. The Housing Allowance is considered in lieu of the rental charge for occupying the Government quarters.

  5. Does an officer occupying sub standard house (house without basic necessities) eligible for Housing Allowance?


    Officers occupying sub-standard house in a remote areas are eligible for Housing Allowance.

  6. When are two (2) or more officers permitted to share a Government quarter and how is the rental fees for that quarter?

    When two (2) or more officers are alotted a joint occupation of a quarter, each officer wil not be eligible for the Housing Allowance. No rental fees will be imposed on them.


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